Completion of the European project “Awareness raising campaign on the benefits of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection – Encouraging the use of legal sources online” under the subtitle RESPECT

The HCO has successfully completed the project RESPECT. RESPECT aimed to raise awareness among young people aged 15-24 of the harm caused by online piracy, to reduce the downloading of digital content from illegal sources and to encourage the use of legal alternatives.

RESPECT activities were cross-border and involved 3 EU Member States. The HCO collaborated with the Cypriot media group “Sigma Live LTD”. The third partner was the Spanish consultancy company GeInnovacion.
The actions implemented from November 2021 to September 2022 are the following:


  • social media social media /creation of accounts and posts on FB and Instagram on IP protection and piracy issues
  • creation of articles and infographics
  • creation of videos and their promotion on TV
  • organization of a rhetoric contest

Below are the four videos created by the HCO on the subject of online piracy in music, books, film and video games.

1. Piracy is not for free.respect video Piracy is not for free

2. If you love cinemarespect video If you love cinema...

3. Books are company.

4. You can’t loose!respect video You can't lose!

On 10.06.2022 the RESPECT debate took place with the topic “Online piracy: Responsibility and response. Benefits for the creator and the user”. The event was organized by the HCO and ELSA Athens. Watch the video here .

respect video Debate

All the RESPECT materials available on Facebook (respectproject2021) and Instagram (respectproject_gr) and the copyrightschool library .