Visit of the HCO to the 8th Lyceum of Piraeus

On Monday, April 1st 2019, the HCO paid a visit to the 8th Lyceum of Piraeus in the framework of the educational programme about Copyright. The visit was arranged in response to the invitation of Mrs. Georgia Triperina who teaches Information Technology in the school. The lawyer-scientific associate of the HCO, Mrs. Maria G. Sinanidou, talked to the students of the first and the second grade of the Lyceum about their rights and obligations in regards to copyright protection legislation, with a focus on the digital environment and to the exceptions provided by the law in relation to the legal use of copyright protected works. Following her presentation, Mrs Sinanidou had a conversation with the students where she had the opportunity to respond to a number of interesting questions posed by them.

A handbook with Basic Notions of Copyright and cards with snapshots from the animated movie “Orpheus creating…” were distributed to both the teachers and the students.

The following photos were taken during the event.