International Women’s Day – Joint message from WIPO and HCO

In celebration of International Women’s Day, offices and intellectual property organizations around the world, including the Hellenic Copyright Organization, are joining together to defend diversity across the intellectual property (IP)  landscape.

Around the world, women face challenges and barriers to accessing resources, resulting in their severe underrepresentation in the intellectual property ecosystem.

Recognizing this, we aim to promote inclusion and diversity to support, inspire and accelerate the increased participation of all women so that they can develop, commercialize and distribute innovations and creative works.

We are committed to investing in knowledge and skills development, initiatives aimed at empowering women in intellectual property.

By investing in women, we believe we can transform the challenges women face in the IP ecosystem into opportunities.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we pledge to continue working together and encourage everyone to join us in this promising future by investing in women to accelerate progress.

See the full message here.