3rd educational visit of the HCO to the 2nd Experimental High School of Athens

On Wednesday, November 23 2022, the HCO made the third scheduled visit to the 2nd Experimental High School of Athens for the school year 2022-2023.

During the one-hour visit, HCO representative, Ms. Maria G. Sinanidou, lawyer, scientific associate of the HCO, spoke to the students of the 3rd grade of the high school about the basic principles of copyright, the meaning and importance of respecting copyright and avoiding actions that infringe such rights, with emphasis on the digital environment.

In addition, Ms. Sinanidou talked about the HCO and the services it provides to the public.

The presentation was followed by a discussion and students’ questions.

The handbook “Copyright for High School Students” was distributed to the 26 students who attended the event.