New studies by the EUIPO

Online copyright infringement in the European Union
Music, Films and TV (2017-2020), Trends and Drivers

According to an EUIPO study published in 2021, online piracy slows down but Europeans still access pirate content 6 times a month on average.

The most frequently pirated content is TV, followed by film and music.

Streaming is the most used access method. More than 80 % of the total piracy in the EU in 2020 was via streaming.

Streaming offers were found to have an impact on the reduction of piracy.

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Study on Online advertising on IPR-Infringing Websites and Apps 2021

This study looks at online advertising found on IPR infringing websites and mobile apps during 2021, evaluates the estimated amount and type of such advertising, and estimates the associated ad revenues. The total worldwide revenue generated by the monitored website was estimated at EUR 912.7 million, while the worldwide revenue generated by the monitored apps was EUR 57.1 million.

These figures highlight a serious issue, namely that websites and apps that infringe IPR do not only derive revenue from their infringing activities, but also from advertising by legitimate brands that is placed on such websites unwittingly, partly as a result of the very complex internet advertising ecosystem.

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