The 4th Elementary School of Daphne implements the educational program “Copyright and Related Rights”

The 4th grade of the 4th Elementary School of Daphne during the school year 2020-2021 implemented the educational program of the Hellenic Copyright Organization “Copyright and Related Rights”. The program was implemented on the initiative of the class theatrilogist Mrs. Artemis Apostolopoulou and with the collaboration of the class teacher Mrs. Nasia Papaeleftheriou and the class integration teacher Mrs. Vasiliki Smyrnioti.

The children were given material related to the program (stickers, cards, and a comic book) while the concepts of copyright and related rights were examined in class. The children in turn created visual works and stories. The works that emerged from the pupils on the occasion of the program are available as follows.

Stories about feelings Stories about feelings Drawings Drawings The book The book