Cooperation between the HCO and the 1st PEKES of Attica (primary education). Webinar with the title “Copyright and Related rights: Distance education and sources for legal content”

On Tuesday, January 19th, the Hellenic Copyright Organization (HCO) in cooperation with the 1st Regional Educational Planning Centre of Attica (PEKES) organized an educational webinar with the title “Copyright and Related Rights. Distance education and sources for legal content”.

The seminar was addressed to Heads of special kindergartens and Directors of primary schools who were informed by Ms. Maria Sinanidou, Lawyer, Scientific Associate of the HCO and Ms. Eva Kokkinou, Head of HCO’s Information Department about copyright issues, the application of copyright in distance education and were also presented with sources of legal online content. In addition, the HCO’s websites were presented as well as the information and services they provide.

In total 110 educators attended the seminar.