Public Consultation by the European Commission: Digital Economy and Society, Education and Training

On 18 June 2020 the European Commission launched a public consultation to gather the views of citizens and stakeholders on the future of digital education during the recovery period from COVID-19 and beyond. The consultation will contribute to informing the European Commission so that it creates an Action Plan for Digital Education (Digital Education Action Plan).

The massive shift to e-education has made knowledge of intellectual property vital for educators as they adapt their educational programs to the digital environment. Consultation should take into account the need to help students respect intellectual property rights, learn to protect their own creations and make legal use of the intellectual property of others in the digital environment.

Helping teachers better understand intellectual property rights – giving them tools and information to prepare the right materials for their classroom – increases their students’ awareness of the importance of and respect for intellectual property rights.

All interested citizens and organizations are invited to participate in the consultation. More specifically, the opinions of teachers, students, educational staff, parents/guardians/family members of students, as well as representatives of educational institutions are sought through the consultation. Governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as representatives of the public sector and industry are also welcome to submit views. The consultation is open until 4 September 2020 via the link below: