World Intellectual Property Day – : Stay home, enjoy legal content

OPI has created the online portal  with the aim of informing the public about online platforms that legally have content that is protected according to intellectual property law. In “enjoy legal”, OPI gathers websites where Internet users can legally watch or download movies, series, TV programs and sports events, as well as listen to or download music, read or download books and magazines, as well as access images and video games. You are welcome to point us to further sources of legal content of intellectual property works beyond those already listed.

By choosing to visit the sites included in “enjoy legal” you enjoy the projects of your favourite creators and artists easily, quickly and safely. But above all, you enjoy them legally, respecting the rights of creators, artists and other contributors to ensure, among other things, their remuneration, ultimately contributing to the development of culture.

Click here to view the poster created by OPI for World Intellectual Property Day and “enjoy legal”.

“Enjoy legal” is part of Agorateka  network, created by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). . Agorateka is a pan-European portal that brings together national portals, such as “enjoy legal”, from participating European countries, especially from the member states of the European Union.