Organization of educational seminar in the city of Volos for secondary degree educators

On Tuesday, the 21st of January 2020, the Hellenic Copyright Organization (HCO) and the Directorate of Secondary Education of Magnesia organized an educational seminar with the title “Copyright and Related Rights: Applications in Education and New Technologies”.

Representatives of the HCO were welcomed by the Director of Secondary Education of Magnesia, Mr. Socrates Savelidis and the Head of School Activities Mrs. Sofia Kantaraki.

The seminar was organized in the framework of the implementation of the EU funded programme titled “Educating youngsters and secondary school teachers about copyright in Greece and Cyprus”. The programme is transnational and is funded by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

The educators who attended the seminar were informed about copyright issues and the importance of the work of authors and performers. In addition to that, the application of copyright to education and new technologies was discussed. Some useful material that can be used by educators as an aid in the classroom was also presented.

Popular singer and Deputy Secretary General of Collecting Management Organization ‘ERATO’ Mrs. Anastasia Moutsatsou, participated in the panel.

Fifty eight (58) educators were present in the event, which was teleconferenced to the islands of Skiathos and Skopelos. More specifically, the event was attended by educators from the General Lyceum of Skopelos, the Gymnasium of Skopelos and the Lyceum of Skiathos.

Printed educational material was distributed to those who attended the seminar. The material included a handbook for high-school pupils a crossword and educational material created and translated in Greek by the EUIPO.

HCO representatives and Mrs. Moutsasou responded to the questions of the educators that were mostly about issues of copyright in the educational procedure.

The following photos are from the seminar.