Approval of educational program “Intellectual Property and Related Rights” by the Ministry of Education

The educational program “Intellectual Property and Related Rights” of the Intellectual Property Organization was approved by the Ministry of Education and Religion for the current school year 2019-2020. The program is aimed at students of Primary Education.

The teacher can integrate the material into the teaching project at his/her discretion, choosing activities that he/she considers appropriate for the age, interests and special needs of the students, ensuring the relevance of the activities to the curriculum and the continuation of the learning experiences offered to the students, either in units of knowledge subjects that are offered for similar extensions, or in the context of the Program of School Activities of Cultural Subjects.

The “Intellectual Property and Related Rights” program was created and developed by OPI in collaboration with a group of educators. It has the support of the European Union, which has financed its promotion throughout Greece as well as the creation of the material (website, film, etc.) mentioned below. It has also been presented internationally at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) as a model in its field. To support the program, OPI created the website which includes rich material for teachers, students and parents (electronic games, guides, faqs, comics, cryptowords, crosswords, posters, etc.). In addition, at is available a short animated film entitled “When Orpheus created…” created especially for the educational program.

This website also has material aimed at secondary education.

To see the training program here.

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