Seminar entitled “Intellectual Property and Related Rights: Applications in Education and New Technologies”

The Hellenic Copyright Organization (HCO) organized a seminar under the auspices of the Institute of Educational Policy (IEP) of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, on Friday, November 22, 2019 in Athens, at the auditorium of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The seminar’s objective was to inform representatives of secondary education directorates and of regional educational planning centres (PEKES) of the country about copyright and related rights in relation to the educational process and new technologies. The seminar was implemented in the framework of the EU funded programme “Educating youngsters and secondary school teachers about copyright in Greece and Cyprus”. The program is funded by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The purpose of the program is to highlight the value of copyright protection, with an emphasis on its applications in education and new technologies, to teachers and students of secondary education of Greece and Cyprus.

The seminar was attended by many educators from all over Greece who were briefed about the relation of education, copyright, and new technologies. The president of the HCO, Mr. P. Tsiris, opened the seminar, while the director of the HCO, Mrs. E. Vagena, made a brief presentation of the HCO’s role and coordinated the discussion that followed. HCO executives Mrs. E. Kokkinou and Mr. N. Stavropoulos referred to the educational activities of the HCO and the possibilities of the specific programme, while lawyers Mrs. Sinanidou and Mrs. E. Moustaka referred to copyright law, new technologies and education. The speeches of the representatives of the creators and artists, in particular of Mr Argyris Theou, President of the collective management organization ISOCRATIS (rights of directors of photography/set designers/costume designers/sound engineers/editors), and of Mr Manolis Famelos and Mrs Anastasia Moutsatsou respectively President and Deputy Secretary General of the collective management organization ERATO (singers’ rights) had a strong impact to the attendees.

The following photos are from the seminar.