Participation of the HCO to the Interdisciplinary Convention “Child and Information: Quests and approaches of History, Law – Ethics, Culture”.

On Friday the 28th and Saturday the 29th of April 2017, the HCO participated in the Convention with the title “Child and Information: Quests and approaches to History, Law – Ethics, Culture” that was held in the Corfu Reading Society. The conference was co-organized by the Research Team of the Ionian University “Information: History, Regulation, Culture” (IHRC) , the Technology Workshops of Information and Documentation of Cultural and Historic Heritage, the Department of Archiving, Library Science and Museology and the Faculty of Information Science and Information Technology of the Ionian University.

The focus of the Interdisciplinary Convention is the child in relation to information with regards to history, regulation (law and ethics) and culture.

Within the framework of the Convention, the representatives of the HCO, made a presentation of the web site and of the basic principles of copyright with a focus on its implementation to the educational process.

The following pictures were taken at the event.