Event for the promotion of the educational programme in Chalkida

On Thursday, April 6th 2017, the HCO and the Regional Directorate of Primary Education of Evia organized a seminar at the 4th Primary School of Chalkis with the title “Copyright and Education”.

The aim of the seminar was to inform teachers of Evia about the educational programme «Copyright and Related Rights» that was launched by the HCO as well as the importance of the authors’ work (writers, visual artists, photographers, music composers, software developers etc.) and related rights rightholders (singers, musicians, actors, publishers, film and records producers etc.).

The seminar was attended by approximately 20 school teachers.

All attendees were handed a folder containing informative material, including a handbook about copyright for primary school pupils, another one for teachers, a handbook with the basics of copyright, a comic book, stickers with the logo of the programme and more.

The following pictures were taken at the event.